Brutus the Giant Crocodile!

Did any of you see this on the Today Show this morning!  I could not believe it!!!!

His name is Brutus and he is an 80 year old crocodile that lives in the Adelaide River in Australia!  He is 18 feet long and 2 tons!  AWESOME isn't he!!!

Brutus is apparently a popular tourist attraction on this river!  He only as three legs as you can see from the picture and supposedly had it taken off by shark in the river's estuary.  This would be where the river and ocean comes together.

Jumping crocodile cruises are a major tourist attraction in the Northern Territory of Australia!  I say forget Great White Shark Diving in South Africa!  I wanna meet this guy!

There are claims that the picture is a fake, but the sightseer who took the pic as well as the boat company claim its the real deal!

What do you think?


Scott Mosher said...

The shadows are suspicious as is the cutout job on the top of the crocs head. The perspective of the fish near the face is wrong and the guy in the blue/white shirt combo is leaning back when's IN FRONT of the croc. In fact, ALL of the people in the boat are looking at something that would be inf front of the croc, so the perspective is definitely off. VERY questionable at best, though pretty descent (for the most part, especially the water) photoshoppery. A croc this big would rip that guy "feeding him" right off the boat and he'd be the next snack. I'd say this is definitely a fake.

Anonymous said...

Wow! That's pretty incredible if it's true! But with all the photo-altering done these days, I find it hard to believe. Oh well, at least we got some entertainment out of it right?! :)

Anonymous said...

I believe that BRUTUS is true ... we have proof ... an indirect proof ..

in the philippines, a crocodile measuring 21 foot, definitely BIGGER than BRUTUS, has been captured ... it has been broadcasted all over the news ... and they're planning to contact the Guinness book of world record

Anonymous said...

ithink you are all full of it