Happy 4th of July!

After vacations, even short ones... I have this overwhelming, wish upon a star, feeling that I just never want to go back to work. NEVER. EVER.  Do any of you out there ever feel that way?  Do any of you ever act on it?

Sadly, I can't and I know I have to return to my little office with the great view of the parking lot on Tuesday.  It breaks my heart and my extra hours of sleep I have been getting...

However, how lucky are we that we have our FREEDOM!  Thank you to the men and women who gave their lives so we could enjoy this wonderful privilege!  And thank you for the men and women who still fight for our freedom in today's world!  We are blessed to be Americans!

Hope you all had a wonderful fun filled day with loved ones, family and friends!  And feel free to take an extra vacation day tomorrow for me :)

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