My 1st Cop Wife Ride Along

Hey all!  I've been at conferences for work this week... did you notice my posts were few and far between?  When I finally did return, Dan asked that I go on my first ride along with him!  I'm done with my GERO class for the summer (got an A by the way) so I thought why not!

Boy was it FUN!  So fun I wish I could do that every night with him. Dan said usually when he has a person observing him for the night nothing much happens.  Not tonight.  It was full of excitement!  YAY! Here's the recap!

Run #1 : Dan got a call about a suspicious person claiming to be spraying bug spray around the neighborhood.  I was the first to spot the guy!!!  Dan had a nice chat with him about the legalities of soliciting :)

Run #2 : Got a call about a black older female walking the streets look disoriented and lost.  We never did locate her, but later heard reports she was back safely with her family.

Run #3 : Resident alarm... While inspecting the residence Dan noticed a large dog that he assumed to be setting off the alarm since the house seemed secure.  It was on this run that we were introduced to a English Mastiff that a next door neighbor had!  What a sweet and gorgeous dog!  His name was Kingston!

Run #4 : Dan backed onto a business alarm that was going off.  When the other officer arrived the door was ajar, so he called for back up and Dan and him ended up clearing out and securing the building. We ran lights and sirens to this run!

We ate dinner at Miller's which is a little diner in the city that Dan and his fellow officers often go to.

Run #5 : The city was then quiet for a while so Dan and I sat in a little hiding spot and watched for people to run a stop sign... we caught three!

Run #6 : Dan had a call come out for the local inn... we ran lights and sirens to this. When we got there the person was in a diabetic coma.  We left the scene once the man was okay, but was called back minutes later because he was being combative and the medics needed help restraining him. There is nothing like going 100 mph on a 35 mph road!  WOW!

Run #7 : Dan pulled over a car for expired plates.  Once he was by the car he smelled weed so he pulled the people out of the vehicle and searched the car.  Nothing was found, but it was suspicious!  They did get a ticket for the plates :)

I had a fabulous time!  I feel like I need to do one of those at least once a month!  It was tonight that I realized why Dan can't wait to go into work at night and hates to come home.  Being a police officer is an ongoing adventure and complete rush!  I can only explain it like a gambling addiction.  As a gambling addict you are always waiting to hit that next big jackpot!  You can't leave your machine because the next minute you could hit it big!  This is the same for being a cop.  They are always waiting for the next call to come out and they hate to leave because then they might miss that next big thing to happen.  I actually felt a bit of this tonight because when it was time to go I didn't want to because I knew I was going to miss out on something!!!

I must keep this in mind on those nights that I haven't seen my husband in days and am miserably lonely!  Really, I could not ask for anything more than for him to love his job and he absolutely does!

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jbush1171 said...

How fun!!! It's funny. I find myself always hearing about the dept. Dan works for and wondering if he is the one on the run!!!