Johnson County Fair!

Dan and I went to the Johnson County Fair this week!  I have a love for fairs, mostly because I went to them every year in my hometown from probably birth to age 18!!!  Now that I live elsewhere, I don't get that opportunity.  Dan enjoys going to fairs because he says he never went to one until age 25!  I know, it's absolutely unbelievable, but true!  So, we try to go to them as often as we can, mostly because we both LOVE fair food, but also because Dan needs to get his share in before it's too late!

For the past two years we have gone to the Johnson County Fair because a family friend's daughter participates in it and it's close by!  Paige does horse racing (I think that is what you would call it) for 4-H!  Here she is with her horse Mister!

I got to watch her do pole racing (again, I think that's what you call it)... she placed 6th in this!!!  She also did barrel racing, key hole, versatility/agility, and flags which she placed 4th in.  Way to go Paige!

Also, while at the fair, Dan and I got our beloved Beaver Tails!  The way I explain them would be that they are like Elephant Ears, but thicker.  Dan and I had a great time!  It is always nice to spend the evening outside with good people and beautiful animals!

Paige had Mister all done up for his races!  He was so handsome!

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