Eagle Creek 5K Run

Dan and I were up bright and early to go to the Eagle Creek 5K up on the North/West side of Indianapolis on Saturday morning.  This is only the second 5K I have ever been involved in, but I think I'm choosing to call it my first, since it is the first time that I have ever actually ran the whole thing.  Don't you think that would be a good idea? I do...

Once we got there I met up with my running partner, Greg.  This is Debbie's (my friend at work) husband. I'm not sure who talked who into doing this run.... but I'm happy that we did since it has really kept me motivated to stick with running this past month. 

Below are some pictures before the run...

Got my stuff all pinned on!

My running buddy Greg!

This run was a challenge for me.  Greg definitely kept me on my toes.  When I ran with him I definitely felt like my pace was much faster than normal.  I felt bad, because as I was trying to keep up with him, he was running at a nice leisurely pace.  Next time I'm going to insist that he does not stay with me throughout the run since I don't want to hold him back... but it was good for me this time because it forced me to push myself harder than normal I think. The hills on this run killed me as well.  I have not done any training with hills thus far, so going up and down them on this run took a toll on my legs.  Note to self... run hills more often!!!  I ended up finishing out the race with a time of 32 minutes and 26 seconds.  BLAH!  I was hoping to at least finish in less than 30 minutes. 

Below are some pictures after the run and our sweaty selves...

Here we are finishing up... I'm behind Greg! :)

Our ice cream treats afterward!  YUM!

Not only was this my first 5K Run, it was my first 5K Run in my Vibrams!  After the race I took a picture of a blister these shoes have been working on for a few days.  Pretty nasty huh?

Next run is a 10K on August 20th at Ft. Harrison... and this one definitely has hills.  GOODNESS!

Oh yes... and my boys were completely exhausted... and they didn't even run it!  Aren't they cute though!

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