People!  I have serious butterflies in my belly!!!!!

I am CRAZY nervous about this 10K on Saturday. I'm not real sure why.  I've ran my 6.2 miles twice so I know it's possible. Its at a place I'm somewhat familiar with. It isn't like if something doesn't go well I'm letting anyone down... it would only be myself that was disappointed.  Just a lot of mixed feelings about the WHOLE thing!

I noticed the race route was finally posted yesterday!!!

Not too bad right?

It is suppose to be a very scenic course which I love love love!  I get tired of running around my little subdivisions!  And I'm sure hills are in the forecast for that day as well.  Although, everyone considers "hilly" in a different way so it is hard to know what exactly that means. The weather has been perfect for the past couple of weeks, but the weather report for Saturday says humidity is coming and its a high of 88 degrees that day!  Thank goodness it will be in the morning!

Think of me around 9:00ish on Saturday and send good vibes my way!!

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