Sally Hansen Salon Effects Nail Polish Strips

Can you honestly believe I'm doing a beauty post!  I know!  What is wrong with me?  Anyways, I've been curious about how these nail polish strips work, so I decided "Hey, why not try it!!!" I decided to post my results since these suckers are "suppose" to stay on for a full 10 days.  I haven't been able to keep polish on my nails for longer than a matter of hours in most cases!!! P.S. That's why I don't ever wear it...

Day 1

I was kind of nervous about putting them on... I mean I'm an extreme perfectionist and I knew once I messed up I would be done with the whole thing.  But, I didn't!  They were SUPER easy and looked better than when I paint my own nails. What do you think???  I was very impressed with them by this point.

Day 2

Nails still look like new... I have been cleaning the house and doing lots of other things today.  Usually that would cause a lot of chipping on normal nail polish for me, but not these. I'm still very impressed!!!

Day 3

Still looking good!

Day 4

Today is the  first day that I have noticed a chip.  I have 2 tiny ones on my index fingers near the tip of my nail. I'm sure it is because these two fingers are probably used the most.  It is hardly noticeable and I have to strain my eyeballs to see it! Again, I'm a very happy camper!

Day 5

No new chips that I have noticed.  They are still looking great!  There is some minor grow out by my cuticles, but of course that is to be expected :)  Have I mentioned what a great invention these little babies are????  LOVE 'EM!

Day 6

Wow, my nails still look pretty good!  To the untrained eyeball you would think they are perfect, however, I of course am seeing little tiny flaws as the days go by... but I mean it is day six... I've never had nail polish on this long!  EVER!

Day 7

Not much new has changed... still look very good to the untrained eye!

Day 8

I washed my car by hand today... figured that this would definitely have some effect on the polish.  NOTHING!  They still look as good afterward!  WOW!!!

Day 9

Little bit more wear and tear and grow out of course, but nothing major. 

Day 10

Well... I made it to day 10!  I cannot believe it!  I'm officially in love with these little babies!!!  In fact, my nails still look good enough to wear a few extra days... I'm gonna see how long I can go before they start looking nasty!!!

**TIPS** On the package of these it strictly states NOT to put a clear coat on top of the polish strips.  I did do this however every couple of days.  I truly think that this might just be what helped to keep them from chipping. I noticed no negative ramifications from doing this, in fact, I would suggest it.

I also cut the strips in half so that I could get two uses out of them for the price of one.  Or, I would also like to try the left over pieces on my toes!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

I love them too, just wish there were more designs. Thanks for the top coat tip. Much better than the nail stickers that are so difficult to apply!