Pre/Post 10K Race Day

Pre-Race Day

It's the day before my 10K! I'm way nervous but excited! I have not ran at all since Monday evening when I did my second 6.2 miles.  I wanted to give my body a chance to really be rested for this 10K.  So far, I have mainly been focusing on stretching and working out other muscles besides my legs the other days this week.

I headed to the YMCA to get my packet on Friday night.  Usually I would do this the morning of, but I took a half day off or a doctor's appointment and got bored when that was finished so I figured why not get it out of the way!

Surprisingly, on my way to the doctor, I was in a car accident!  Some guy rear ended me.  Not too much damage to my car, but enough to make me pretty sore afterwards.  It definitely shook me up a bit. Wonderful... just before my race!

Post-Race Day

Let's see how can I sum up the day of the race.  I know... disorganized!  LOL!  First off the race started 20 minutes late.  Then the people directing the course told us the wrong way!!!  The last mile marker I even saw was 3!  YIKES!  Besides all the not knowing where the heck I was suppose to be going stuff, I feel happy with how things went. I finished in 1 hour and 5 minutes... and that was with hills.  Yes, the course was very hilly especially for me!  But I didn't stop running the whole time and that was my main goal!

Here's Greg (my running buddy) and I before the race... the 10 fingers stands for 10K not 10 miles :)

Getting ready to go!!!


Here's a pic of the balloon release!  The race was in memory of children who had passed from still births.  This was kind of emotional.

All in all it was a good race for me... disorganized yes... but I still felt good once I was finished.

Now... to train for my HALF MARATHON in October!

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