Birthday Post!

Holy moly... I'm 27 years old!  Where in the world did the time go?  When I was little, I remember wishing that I would grow up... and FAST!  Now that I'm an adult I wish I was little again.  Something about paying bills, working all the time, and worrying about all sorts of things kind of takes the fun out of it for you.

I didn't do to much to celebrate my birthday... work is really busy for me right now with Phonathon, my next class for my Master's program started up, and Dan had to work so my night consisted of cuddling with my sweet dog!

Remington was truly shocked when I told him how old I was!

But he decided he still loved me...

I did come home to some wonderful gifts!  Dan and I don't usually do birthday presents for each other, but he surprised me with some things I have mentioned in the previous months.

I've been wanting to read these books for a long time.  I'm looking forward to gaining some insight into Dan's current occupation and how to better our marriage.  They should both be good reads!

SLIPPERS!!!  I have been wanting a pair of these for a long time!  I was so excited when I opened this box and slipped my feet into these fuzzy pieces of heaven!  As you can see, Remington wasn't so sure about them!

I saw these shirts a long while ago and I just laugh every time I see them.  Of course, I'm sure some of you cop wives out there may think its not classy, but Dan and I's humor happen to love things like this... I mean come on, Dan has a stuffed pig sitting on the dash in the back of his police car!

My Mom and Dad got me these awesome running shoes!!!  WOOT WOOT!  Just what I need for my upcoming half marathon!!!

My day at work was also full of Happy Birthdays, lovely cards, gift cards, and even my very own birthday cupcake from my friend Debbie!!!  Notice the purple icing... she knows me too well :)  Her and Heather (another good friend at work) took me for lunch at Noodles!  Yes, the way to my heart is through FOOD!

I also was blessed with some very sweet cards full of money from other family members.  Who couldn't love gifts like these... you can buy whatever you want!!!  :)

And even from thousands of miles away and out on the open sea... my bestest buddy Myla sent me a B-day email wishing me well and making sure I had something good planned for the day!  I miss her so much!

THANK YOU EVERYONE for making getting old seem pretty fun!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I'll leave you with an email I received from Debbie's husband and my running partner, Greg...

Me: I'm getting old...

Greg's Email Response: Sorry to say, but anything over 25 years old is considered an antique.  Hey, that's not what I say, it's just a rule of thumb.  Don't even think about the fact that the Hoosier Dome only had a productive life for 24 years before they deemed it to old and demolished it. I'm sure you have a few more good years left.


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Sarah said...

Happy Birthday!! Sounds like you got some good stuff! :) Those fuzzy slippers are awesome! Right up my alley!! :) Don't feel bad, I'm an "antique" too! Haha!

PS - Thanks for the input on my blog. I deleted the commenting system. Just wasn't working out like I thought it would!