For all you Police Wives!!!

I read police wife blogs religiously because... well... it makes my life feel somewhat normal.  I love the blog of 5ohwifey!  She has such great advice for other police wives out there!  Please read her post today.  In just the past few months two of Dan and I's close police friends have announced their divorces.  As many of you know, police marriages face a 75% divorce rate.  It's hard for outsiders to understand the struggles we face in our marriages, but it was so nice to read this post because it reinforces that police families are not alone in their struggles and in fact they can overcome it!

Thank you for such a good post today 5ohwifey!!! 

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Paige said...

I very much so agree with you that it is hard for outsiders to understand a marriage where one person works within a LEO agency/department. My hubsand is a deputy and I actually dispatch for another about a stressful situation that we have at times. Then again, I feel as if I have better understanding of what his career involves and etc due to the fact that I have worked here for so long. 5ohwifey has a wonderful blog and I loved that post as well! I wanted to let you know that I also know your struggles and scares and will be praying for you =)