Christmas Break!

After today I'm on Christmas Break folks!

I don't get to lounge on the beach like this lucky Santa...

But I do get 11 days of rest and relaxation! It doesn't get any better than that! I'm feeling ahead of the game as we start moving into the New Year. I got an A in my GERO class... I have my Phonathon Room completely cleaned and decorated (that is a big chore off my list)... and I feel pretty caught up work wise.  

The only other thing I would like to accomplish before the New Year is to deep clean my house. I'm one of those people that likes to do a winter cleaning as well as a spring cleaning. We're talking purging junk out of the house, reorganizing closets and cabinets, and I would really like to move furniture out and sweep under them since I'm sure there is a massive amount of dog hair lurking under there. If I can get that done I'll be one happy camper :)

As for doing fun things over break... I'm looking forward to 6 days with my family and reading several good books! I never seem to get the luxury of reading books for fun so this will be a real treat :)

I can't wait!

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Sweet_Southern_Comfort said...

Have a relaxing break! :) I am also trying to "deep clean" my house.. I am taking advantage of being off work and leaving the baby at daycare so I can get everything nice and clean! I can't stand a messy house..