New Year's Resolutions

It's that time of year again... I'm starting to make my resolutions!  I know it might be pointless, but it's my guilty pleasure :)  I was looking back over last year's resolutions <---- (click here to view them) to figure out which ones I successfully completed and those that were an epic fail. Let's see...

Not take my husband for granted - I think I've definitely made an effort of this :)
Eat healthier - do this for the most part.
Lose few pounds - yes I have!!
Run a Mini Marathon - FAIL
SAVE, SAVE, SAVE - we have been focusing on paying off our debt, not necessarily saving though.

Now for my 2012 Resolutions!!!

#1 - Run a Mini Marathon... This is the number one thing I want to do this year. This has been on my to do for a LOOONNNGGG time.  This is the year I'm gonna make it happen!

#2 - Pay off debt... lately we have really been focusing on getting all this debt we have paid off. My goal for this year is to pay off Dan's car at least! I know... it's easier said than done.

#3 - Focus on finishing up my Master's Program... I'm in the home stretch now with my Gerontology Program. I have slowly but surely been making my way through, one class at a time, while I work full time.  I'm so close to finishing that I can feel that diploma in my hands :)

#4 - Walk Remington more... When Remington was a young pup he got walked probably twice a day at least 2 miles each time!! I don't know how we got away from doing this (life got busier I suppose), but I really would like to make this a priority in his life again!  He is such a wonderful dog and deserves to have these strolls with us way more than he gets too.

#5 - Be more thankful... Lastly, I just want to be more thankful in general. Sometimes I feel like I take things in life for granted a little to much. I think its time to start looking at the bright side of things more than I do now.

Can you all seriously believe it is 2012!!!  Goodness!!!  Time goes by way too fast!

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