A Year of Dates : December 2011

For December Dan picked a "Stay at Home" date. Good thinking, since we are hurting from buying Christmas presents.  Here's what we did.

Build a Gingerbread House

For this date we went to Sam's Club and purchased a $10 gingerbread house kit.  It came with everything we needed!  SWEET!

While working on our creation we drank Nutella Hot Chocolate (recipe to come) and munched on S'mores made in the microwave!  I didn't even know this was possible!

I was worried that I would get annoyed with Dan during our time together while making our gingerbread house. I'm an extreme perfectionist and working with someone else on a project and things not looking "just right" can be hard for me.  I'm working on this about myself.  Anyways, surprisingly we got along great and made a lovely house together :)

Gingerbread Kit

Opening things up and setting out all the pieces.

Dan decorating!

The sides of the house all decorated!

Building our house!

All finished!!!  TADA!

"May I see it Mom?"


Enjoying Nutella Hot Chocolate and S'mores!

After making our gingerbread house I couldn't help but wish we had gotten one for Elliott and Mallory.  They would have had a blast making these!

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