Tennis Balls Anyone?

We definitely don't get in the holiday spirit at our house. What for?  Dan works all the time, I work all the time, we aren't home for the actual holiday, and we have ZERO kids (except for Remi of course)... so why waste the energy decking the halls of our little home.

Call us what you will... Scrooge, Bah Humbugs, Old Farts... but that's just us :)

However, this evening our furry child finally figured out that something special is happening around our house as I wrapped these guys!

Remington has been going nuts knowing these are in the house! He loves his tennis balls!!! Hopefully he's good and he'll get them for Christmas instead of a box of coal. (insert evil laugh here)

If any of you readers out there have old tennis balls you want to part with... I know a big dog that would put them to good use :)

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