2011 Rhoton Recap

What better way to wrap up the year than to do a little review of the major life events that took place in 2011. I must say its been a amazingly hectic and blessed year for our family of three! Below is what I would say is the good, the bad, and the ugly events that we experienced this year... in no particular order!

Kendra's Cooking Challenge <---- click here to read full post

This year, I challenged myself to learn how to cook. I must say it was a successful event in my life.  I made 22 delicious meals for my wonderful husband and myself.  What I learned during this challenge is that I'm not nearly as bad of a cook as Dan made me out to be ;)

Dan Sworn In <----- click here to read full post

After being in the hiring process for almost 2 years, Dan was sworn in as a full time police officer at LPD! The transition has had its ups and downs, but for the most part we could not be happier. I cannot believe he has been working there for 10 months!  WOW!

Hail Damage to House <------ click here to read full post

A spring storm brought golf ball size hail to the area in which we lived.  This resulted in around $12,000 worth of hail damage.  We had roof, siding, shutters, screens, gutters, etc. replaced on our house!  We were very thankful for insurance!!!

5k & 10K Races <----- click here to read full posts

This year I ran my first 5K and 10K with my buddy Greg! This summer was the longest I have probably ever stuck with running and I was impressed that I actually made it up to running 6 miles straight!  This was quite the accomplishment for me!

Anal Gland Removal <---- click here to read full post

After battling with Remington's dreaded anal glands for over two full years the vet suggested we have them removed so we did.  The recovery was difficult and I cried many tears... but in the end Remington is much happier without them... and so are we :)

Celebrated 2 Year Anniversary <----- click here to read full post

Dan and I celebrated 2 years of marriage together!  We feel so lucky to call each other our best friend.  Here's to many more years to come!

And that's our recap for 2011!  Hope you enjoyed looking back on all that has taken place in our lives!  We're looking forward to starting fresh in 2012!!!  Happy New Year!

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