Hail Damage...

Remember me mentioning that we had golf ball size hail during our most recent storm?  Well, a few days later while outside inspecting the house we discovered that we had some major hail damage.  There are huge holes through the siding as well as cracks everywhere, shutters have been damaged, and the screens on our windows are a mess.  That was all the damage we could really see, but knew that we needed to have the house looked over by a professional. Below are some pics pulled off the internet to give you an idea of the damage we received...

Shutter damage

Siding damage

Gutter damage

Screen damage

Here is how it went after 2 estimates...

1st estimate:

This company said we will need the following... a new roof, new front siding, new garage door, new screens on the windows, new down spouts, and all new shutters.  They are writing us a formal estimate, but are guessing it is going to be around $10,000 - $12,000!  HOLY COW!  Thank you Lord for insurance!

2nd estimate:

This company pretty much said everything needs replaced that the other one did, however, when they replace stuff there will be a lifetime warranty on most things.  They also said that they would take care off the old satellite off our roof from the previous owner and patch things up where it was.  The estimate will probably be around the same as the first.  

What will happen from here is we will send both estimates to our insurance company and they will send out their own person to do an estimate on the damage to see if it compares.  If the estimates don't match then we may be paying more out of pocket to get things fixed.

The good thing is that until we do get things fixed the house should be okay... so in other words we aren't going to have leaks and such in the meantime.

We are thankful to have insurance, but even with it this will be a big hit to us since we weren't expecting it and we just spent all this money on Remington's surgery.  What do they say... bad things come in 3's???  Wonder what our third will be?


Kris said...

My in-laws had bad hail damage from a storm that came through their end of NC a month or so ago. I hope everything gets fixed soon!

Jake Alexander said...

Thank you for sharing your experience. Hail storms can be very damaging and cost you a lot of money. My house and car were pretty dented after a hail storm tore through my town a few years ago. It is important to have a good company that provides you with hail damage repair. It can save you a lot of time and money in the long run.

Leif Clancy said...

A golf ball-sized hail? Even without seeing the picture, I could immediately imagine how damaged your house was. Overall replacement is a must! It's a smart decision for you to take estimates first, so you can see what best suits you, budget-wise. I hope it's all better now.

Leif Clancy @ AllCountyExteriors.com

Lenore Lung said...
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Lenore Lung said...

Insurance is really a big help to every homeowner when their property is damaged by natural disaster. The roof and other parts of your house literally took the beating, and you have no choice but to repair all of them. Well, I hope that you replaced them with better materials.

Lenore Lung @ Professional Roofing Contractors