Post Anal Sacculectomy - Day 2

Recovery Period

Just a warning, some of the pictures included in this post are not pretty so don't look if you get grossed out easily.

Just as promised I'm going to keep documenting Remington's recovery so others that have to have this surgery done can have a better idea what to expect, since it was extremely difficult to find anything on the subject during the time that I was researching this.

We picked up Remington this morning at 9:00.  I think that both Dan and I were very nervous to actually see first hand the outcome of this surgery!  YIKES!  Brandy greeted us soon after we got there and took us to a room to explain Remington's take home instructions.  They are as follows:

We need to schedule an appointment with our regular vet in 10 - 14 days for incision recheck and suture remnant removal.

Specific Instructions
Remington will need to wear an E-collar for the next 10 days. If he doesn't there is a chance that he will cause trauma to the incisions and the surgical site could become infected. He has absorbable sutures that may not need to be removed, however, if at his recheck there are suture remnants, please have those removed. If Remington has not had a bowel movement by Monday afternoon, please give Purdue a call.

1) Tramadol (50 mg) - Give 2.5 tablets by mouth every 8 hours for 3 days. This is a pain relieving medications that will help Remington stay comfortable while his incision heals. Side effects include sedation and constipation. If sedation occurs, give 2.5 tablets by mouth every 12 hours.  We began the medication today at 1:00 pm.
2) Rimadyl (75 mg) - Give 1 tablet by mouth every 12 hours for 3 days. This is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medication that will decrease the inflammation around Remington's incision and will provide some pain relief. Side effects include GI upset (anorexia, vomiting, diarrhea). If any side effects occur, stop giving the medication and call Purdue. We began medication tonight at 8:00 pm.
3) Metronidazole (250 mg) - Give 1.5 tablets by mouth every 12 hours for 7 days. This is a antibiotic directed towards bacteria in the large intestine, it will help to reduce the risk of incisional infection. Side effects include staggering (walking abnormally) and GI upset (anorexia, vomiting, and diarrhea). If any side effects occur, please call Purdue. We began medication tonight at 8:00 pm.

Brandy told us that Remington had not yet had a bowel movement.  This is probably because he fasted so long and it is taking his system a little while to warm up.  I really wanted him to have his first one there because I'm scared to death about dealing with his first one at home!  YIKES!  The Doctor who did the surgery came in soon after and talked to us about the surgery.  He said that they did not have to cut through any muscle and he is very confident that Remington will not suffer any bad effects (incontinence) from this surgery! YAY!

After they were done giving us all the information it was time to bring Remington in!  He of course was a complete wiggle monster!  He was running all around giving us hugs and kisses.  I was soooo thankful that Dan was with me because he is able to get control over Remington a lot better than I can.  We put him in the car and headed home!  He was a trooper on the car ride and spent most of his time looking out the window.  He loves his car rides!

Once home we tried to see if he wanted to poop... nothing.  We've been home for pretty much 7 hours now and he is not showing any sign of wanting to go.  I'm just hoping Dan is home when he does his first one because I'm very nervous about it.  I'm not sure if he just doesn't have to, or if he is kind of scared to. I'm pretty sure I would be!  Most of the day he has been sleeping.  He seems pretty exhausted.  Not that he didn't sleep at Purdue, but you always sleep better at home in your own bed.  His bum seems to be bothering him a bit.  He is constantly trying to bite/lick at the area... this is obviously why they want an E-collar on him always :)  He has ate pretty well most of the day and taken his meds for me without any problems.  For the most part he seems to be doing as well as can be expected at this point.

Below are some pictures from the day and the surgery area...

My sweet boy is home!!!  He is running into everything with his lamp shade, including us... my legs are gonna be bruised :)

Shaved spot on left front leg where IV was.

Shaved spot on back where I believe they were injecting pain meds.

Surgery site. On each side of his bum hole is the incision sites and where the stitches are... this is kind of difficult to see, but it is the part that is scabbed over a bit.  His whole rear is shaved down and he has razor burn very bad, but this should disappear in a couple of days.

This is how Remington spent most of his first day home.  I got everything done on Friday night so I could be his on call nurse all weekend.  Probably not as good as Brandy, but I'll do my very best :)

Are we happy we did the surgery you ask?  Yes... however, we'll feel much better once he is completely back to normal.

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