Post Anal Sacculectomy - Day 1

Recovery Period

Morning Update
Received a call from Brandy this morning at around 9:30.  She informed me that Remington is still in a lot of pain, but that he is raising his tail a little bit today, which means he is feeling a little more comfortable.  She told me that yesterday evening after surgery he did have a bowel movement in his kennel and he got it all over himself, but she cleaned him up the best she could and he is scheduled for a bath later this afternoon.  She did warn me that the staining may not come out of his fur until we would have his hair cut again.  She said that his bum is completely shaved and he has some razor burn that is causing him to be very uncomfortable as well.  He also has a patch on his back shaved above his spine where they have been injecting some pain meds.  Remington is eating pretty well and taking his pain meds in a meatball.  I asked her if she thought he would have a normal bowel movement before we came to pick him up, and she said they were sure hoping so.  Right now the plan is still to pick him up Saturday morning.

I'm extremely worried and nervous at this point.  Not only am I worried that I'm going to be overwhelmed when he comes home and not be able to care for him properly, but I'm really worried that this accident in his crate was a sign of incontinence!  Remington has NEVER had an accident in his crate, so this pretty much tells me he was unable to control what happened.  I swear if he is incontinent, I will NEVER forgive myself for doing this surgery.  I'm beyond scared at this point!

Evening Update
Brandy called me around 5:00 in the evening and had good things to report.  Remington is back to his old happy go lucky self!  He is alert, tail wagging, pulling at his leash, and walking around.  She said he is the same dog she met the first day :)  He has not had a normal bowel movement as of yet, but she is hoping sometime later tonight or tomorrow morning before we get there.  She gave him a good scrub down after his accident in the kennel and got all the stains out of his fur except for a little spot on his elbow.  I told her I was nervous about bringing him home tomorrow and she assured me that he will be just fine and is ready to go home.  I'm pretty happy and relieved at this point.  If he would just have a normal bowel movement I would feel 100 percent confident. It's amazing what just a few hours can do!

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Bruce said...

Dear K and D,

Keeping track, we've been moving stuff this evening after work. Glad to hear R is better. Please call tomorrow when you pick him up.