Second EVER 5K!

The plan for Fall 2011 is to run the Ft. Harrison State Park Mini Marathon. Since I have been dealing with a little set back... aka Remington Rhoton... I have not ran at all for almost a whole month.  Well, at least that is my excuse.  Not to worry, I have changed up my training schedule a bit to hopefully be ready for this Mini when the time comes. However, to keep myself motivated I have decided to run a few short races before.  Debbie's husband, Greg and I signed ourselves up for a 5K Run at Eagle Creek Park on July 9th and when time gets closer are planning on doing a 10K Run at Ft. Harrison on August 20th... that way when October 15th rolls around for the Mini, I will be well prepared.

I have taped my new training schedule to my bathroom mirror to hopefully help make me do it!  Uhhhhgggg...

I did my first 2 mile run on Sunday and my legs STILL hurt today!  I'm hoping that my next run tonight will help loosen them up!

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