Spring 2011 Doodle Romp!

One thing that we take Remington to quite often is Doodle Romps.  This weekend there was one being hosted at the Puppy Playground on the North side of Indianapolis.  We love going to this place because it is all inside and that way Remington doesn't come home a complete mess :)

We got to the romp at a little after 1 o'clock... within the first five minutes we were there, Remington was tuckered out.  He is just as out of shape as his Dad and I!

There were tons of doodles at this romp.  My guess would be 40 at the most.  Remington saw lots of his doodle friends that he hadn't seen in a long while!

A lot of the doodles look very similar to Remington, but we can always tell which one he is because he is the biggest of all of them!  Many people asked us... "How much does he weigh!!!"

There goes Remington's friend Mater!

Remington is usually a social butterfly at these romps, but for some reason he stuck close to Dan and my side.

On the run pat... you have to be quick to pet these guys!

This was Remington's girlfriend at the romp!  He fell in love with her :)  Dan and I did too!

"Hi Mom!"

Then Remington's best friend Buddy showed up!!!

The greeting ritual! 

And another one of our favorite Doodle showed up!!!

Remington and Buddy playing ball!

"Here Dad!"

Two very thirsty Doodles!

Buddy getting a quick drink!

Then it was Remington's turn!

Bye Buddy!!!! C-ya soon!

As always we had a great time at the romp, but we were all tuckered out afterward!

We got some videos of the romp that I hope to post later when Dan gets a little time to upload them for me :)

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Camilla and Darwin said...

That looks like a bunch of fun!