Post Anal Sacculectomy - Day 3

Recovery Period

This has been the most horrible day since the surgery!  I have been pretty much hysterically crying non stop since 10 o'clock last night.  It is even harder because I'm dealing with Remington mostly by myself because of Dan's schedule at the moment.  That is the worst part.  I'll be so ready for Tuesday when he'll be off for a few days.

So... Remington is a completely different dog today compared to yesterday.  I think the reason is because they were giving him injectable pain meds at Purdue and once they wore off the pain was back full force.  At this point he is not wanting to walk at all hardly.  When we take him out to try to go to the bathroom he pees and then he will lay down and not move. He is not hardly drinking any water which is worrisome to me because I'm afraid of him becoming dehydrated.  He is extremely uncomfortable.  His tail is down non stop and if we barely touch his rear end he freaks out and cries like crazy!  It is almost unbearable to be around him because he is so pathetic!  I can hardly stand seeing him this way.  He has not pooped yet.  I think that he has to, but he won't stand up long enough to do his business.

Because of all the changes we have seen today compared to yesterday we ended up calling Purdue to see what they thought we should do.  Brandy was a little concerned I think once we told her what was going on.  She suggested we up his pain meds to 3 pills every 8 hours compared to 2.5.  She also told us about a cream to get (Desitin) that might help with the horrible razor burn he has. We just have to be very careful that it doesn't come into contact with the incision site.  She said she would call me in the morning and evening tomorrow to see how he was doing and if he has had a bowel movement yet.  I asked her what we would do if he doesn't have one soon.  She said that we might have to bring him back to Purdue for a check up.  She said he is obviously producing fecal matter by this point, but he might be in too much pain to expel it.  I'm hoping that the cream will help with the razor burn which in turn might make him comfortable enough to have a bowel movement.

I'm at a compete loss at this point.  I feel soooo helpless not being able to make him feel better.  On a positive note, he has been sleeping most of the time (mostly because of the pain meds) and he is eating and taking his meds without too much trouble. I'm so ready for this 2 week recovery period to be over with....

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Beth and Alfie said...

So sorry for your Remi! I hope his situation improves soon...recovery can be rough. Hang in there!!