Post Anal Sacculectomy - Day 5

Things are much better today than any of the days before!  YAY!  I finally think we have made it past the worst part! Remington pooped for the second time this morning!  Sooooo HAPPY!  Hopefully he can get back on his normal schedule soon.  He is still having trouble with his walking... probably from the burns on his bum that are still healing, but for the most part he is doing great.

We did have a little oops moment this morning.  Dan was taking Remington out to potty and of course he was running around like crazy, laying down, sitting, and so on.  Well, we have a little cement slab right outside the back door of our house and when he got scared he rushed to sit down by the door and he sat right on the slab.  OUCH!  He screamed bloody murder because of course he hurt the razor burns on his bum!  Dan brought him inside and one of his burns were now bleeding... of course this would happen just when they started to be on the mend! I'll be happy when those suckers heal up since I think they are giving him more problems than the actual surgery site.

"Mom, I think I'm starting to feel a little better!"

"But I'm still worn out... can I rest my head on your knee?"

We did decide to give Remington's head and neck a little rest.  A lot of people have told us that as long as they are able to watch their dogs after surgery they will take off their dog's lampshades because it is very uncomfortable for them.  I was a little afraid to do this, but Remington is a very good listener so I knew as long as we were beside him watching him closely to make sure he didn't bother the surgery site that he could probably use a break from that dreaded lampshade too!  Since Dan was home all day today he took it off for a while this morning.  Remington was dead asleep right after it was off his little head.  Dan said he didn't move the whole time he slept.


We are now out of pain pills and anti-inflammatory pills.  All that is left is the antibiotics.  I'm feeling okay about this.  I obviously think the burns are bothering him a bit, but for the most part I don't believe he is in much pain.  If I thought otherwise I would push for more meds.  I personally don't think it is good for dogs or people to be on medication for too long, especially if they can tolerate it on their own.

We spoke with Brandy in the afternoon and I think she was about as happy as we were to hear he had a bowel movement.  She is going to call us on Thursday to see what his progress is then :)

Since he is obviously on the mend I probably won't be posting day to day updates since I'm sure you don't want to hear about every poop and pee he has from here on out... but I'll probably do 2 or 3 days in one post to keep everyone updated on the progress he's making.  I'm getting very excited to get back to normal life.  For the past week we have practically lived in our bed with him.  I have been neglecting my cooking, running, school work, house cleaning, and quality time with my husband to focus solely on his recovery.  Life has revolved around Remington!!  But of course, that is exactly the way he likes it!

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