Post Anal Sacculectomy - Day 4

Recovery Period

8:00 am
Things took a bit of a turn for the worse last night.  Not only is this going on day 4 with no poop... Remington is no longer peeing.  I'm freaking out.  I have cried so much in the past four days you wouldn't think I would have any tears left.  I'm fairly strong during the time when I'm with Remington by myself (only because I have to be) but when Dan gets home from work that is when the crocodile tears start coming and they don't stop... We made an appointment with our family vet to have him checked over...

8:35 am
Received a call from Brandy.  I told her all that had been going on with Remington and now him not peeing.  She said that she wouldn't worry too much as of yet.  I guess a few days after surgery he didn't pee for 18 hours.  Since he is not drinking that much water, he probably won't pee like normal.  I have been adding water to his food to get some fluids in him.  This is the only way he is even interested in it.  I told her that he still had not had a bowel movement and she said right now they weren't that concerned since the pain meds are going to make him very constipated. She said if he did not have a bowel movement by this evening then she would tell me something to help it move along.  I asked if we should give him pumpkin or something to help and she said no because pumpkin would just bulk up his stool.  His stool needs to be very loose at this point.  I also asked about an enemia and she said there is no way they could do that with him having the surgery that he did.  She said that they would probably suggest milk of magnesia (something humans would take) to get things moving along.  However, I won't do anything unless the vet suggests it.  She told me she sent all Remington's info to Swengel's (our family vet) so they would have it if they needed it.  I told her we were taking him there this morning.  She said if it will make us feel better to go ahead and do so, but really she didn't think they would tell us anything different.  I had Dan call and he talked to Swengel and Swengel said that he would not worry at this point either... so we canceled... however, it is hard not to worry about Remington.  I just have to remember that Remington is under the care of vets that specialize in this surgery. I can't be freaked out by everything little thing I read and hear that makes me question them.  They are the only ones that really know what they are doing.

9:05 am
Remington had a nice long pee!!!! YAY!  Dan gave him a good face and body brushing that Remington seemed to enjoy very much.  He loves getting brushed.  I always feel so much better after a shower when I'm sick, maybe he will feel so much better after his brushing!

10:10 am
Dr. Steuer from Purdue called (Remington's surgeon) to talk to me about any concerns I was having at this point and to ease my mind a bit. Mostly we discussed about Remington not having a bowel movement yet.  He once again told me they were not that concerned at this point in time.  He said he has seen dogs go up to a week after this surgery without a bowel movement.  He said if Remington doesn't have one by Wednesday then they will prescribe a medication to make him go... but it's important that we try to let him go on his own if possible.  Right now his pain should be pretty well managed he said and that the razor burn is what is probably bothering him at this point.  I told him that is definitely what is bothering him and voiced my concerns on how close they shaved the area.  I said this isn't razor burn... that they pretty much shaved off the first layer of his skin... and that his bum is raw.  He told me that they have to get a very close shave because of the type of surgery it is and apologized if he got too close. I guess there's nothing I can do to change what they did at this point, I'll just work on getting it healed up.

12:00 pm
I took a half day personal day today so someone was home with Remington in the afternoon after Dan left for work.  This is the last day I'll have to be completely by myself for the next 3 days.  THANK YOU LORD!  Dan doesn't understand why I can't handle being alone with Remington... he doesn't think it is too bad.  My main problem is that Remington is pretty much the same size as me... so when he freaks out because of the pain it is really really hard for me to get him under some kind of control.  Going up and down the stairs is a nightmare.  Remington has also been taking the paint off our walls where he hits it with is lamp shade.  This is something I didn't realize would be a problem.  Right now I don't really care... walls can be fixed, Remington's comfort is what is important. I'm feeling a bit recharged at the moment even though I'm completely exhausted from not sleeping and constantly taking care of Remington.  I'm glad I went to work this morning though just to get away from the situation for a little while as the emotional aspect of it all takes a toll on me the most.  I'm hoping to get my homework done for school this afternoon, but it will be a challenge since Remington wants to lay on my lap most of the time.  Can you picture that... an 80 lb dog on my little lap :)  I think it is his safe spot. I won't complain, instead I'll just work around him.

1:00 pm
Remi had a bowel movement and when Dan was here!  The movement was very small, maybe only 2 inches, but it was one still the same!  I'm soooooo happy!  He had a really hard time getting it out, but he did it.  We will be out of pain meds tonight, so I'm hoping once he's done with those that he won't be so constipated!  Even though he seems about the same today as yesterday, I feel like we are making some progress and we might be about ready to get over the hump.

4:00 pm
Remington has rested very well these past few hours.  He was sleeping during the time it came to take his pain meds so I will give them to him when he wakes.  It is a sigh of relief to watch him sleep more than an hour or so without him jumping awake from pain. Both him and I can now relax just a little bit.

6:00 pm
Remington ate dinner very well this evening... he actually seemed to have an appetite.  He's still not drinking any water on it's own. Walking is still a chore.  He still wants to sit/lay down most of the time so it is walk a little bit, sit, walk a little bit... sit.  I took him out and he did not pee or poop for me... he just proceeded to  slam into my legs with his lamp shade.  My legs are so sore from this and bruised.  Just 4 hours and 30 minutes till Dan is home for the next 3 days.  I think that I might make it!!!

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