Paige's Graduation Party!

This Saturday was a busy one.  It was my friend Debbie's daughter's graduation party.  I had promised I would help get things ready for the party, so I was there bright and early on Saturday to get started :)  Below are some pictures of Paige's big day!

These are the center pieces we made for the party!  Aren't they cool!

Here's a close up... we decided we should work for "Edible Arrangements" :)

The festive table decor

Party favors!

A smiling Belle!

Long lost sibling Elements :)

Paige's cake...

Paige's other cake!

Pretty Paige!

Up close pic :)

The proud parents!

Even though I didn't stay for the whole party, Debbie said that everything went really smoothly and that they had a steady stream of people the whole afternoon and evening.  Greg (Debbie's husband) had made a really nice video of pictures of Paige throughout her life.  It was really good and I got choked up.  It even made we want to have kiddos... WOW!

Happy Graduation Paige!  I'm glad I could be a part of your big day!

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