Preparing for Remington's Consultation!

We are heading to Purdue bright and early tomorrow morning for Remington's consultation with the soft tissue specialists at Purdue. As you probably already know, I'm a complete mess.  I have 2 full pages of questions to ask when I get there.  We have been busy getting his food together, picking out a toy for his stay, and figuring out directions to the clinic.  I'm soooo nervous and my stomach is FULL of butterflies.

Here's what will happen in the next couple of days... Remington's last meal will be tonight.  He is not allowed to have any food after 10:00 pm this evening.  That is going to be hard on him because his meal schedule is soooo ingrained in him, but he will manage. We plan to leave our house at 7:15 in the morning on Tuesday. It will take about an hour and 30 minutes to get to Purdue, but we want to allow enough time with traffic and because we don't know exactly where we are going.  Our appointment is at 9:15 am. Once we check in we will meet with all the people that will be involved in Remington's surgery and his stay.  They will go over what will take place and what to expect with the surgery (more to come on that). They will then take Remington and do blood and other tests on him to make sure that he is healthy and a good candidate for this surgery.  That will take a good 2-3 hours.  If he ends of being a good candidate then this is where we will say our goodbyes.  Remington will stay the night at Purdue and they will do the surgery on Wednesday.  We will be called afterwards to let us know how everything went as well as the following days as he recovers.

I have been praying every night that everything goes perfectly and that there are no problems. I will keep you all posted as we find out more and more in the following days to come.  

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