One of my all time favorite people in Dan's family is his Aunt Boo!  What can I say... the two of us have a special bond... at least according to me :)  There are just too many reasons why I love her so dearly, but I'll share with you a few...

1) There is never a dull moment when Aunt Boo is around: When we are around Aunt Boo it is time to have fun!  I love this about her!  She can't stand a dull moment.  She often forces encourages us to play games with her whether it is Pictionary, SkipBo, or the dreaded Phase 10!

2) She is fun to gossip with: One of the sayings in the Rhoton Family is... "If you aren't gossiping about someone in the family then you are probably the one being gossiped about."  I have learned fairly quickly that there is no such thing as keeping a secret from anyone with them.  So... of course I have joined in on this favorite past time of the Rhoton clan... I mean I'm a Rhoton now too!

3) She makes good alcoholic beverages: Yes, that's right folks, she was a bartender in a previous life.  One of her most infamous drinks is called "The Fishbowl".  This drink made my 26 year old husband throw up for an entire night and the next day... I haven't forgotten about this Dan! She also makes a mean Hurricane Alley... this is my special drink when I'm at her house!

Boo's infamous fishbowl drink!

4) She makes me feel like I've always been a part of the family: Even though I have always been welcomed into the Rhoton Family with open arms, there is something special about Boo.  I don't think that I have ever felt shy around her (and I'm shy around most people). I tell her pretty much everything!  And she is probably the only person in Dan's family that has ever seen me really cry.  There is just that something about Boo that makes you feel like you have known her for years and years.  Those of you that know her probably feel the exact same way about her!

Boo, Elliott and I at Pam's 60th Birthday!

So... If you're reading this blog today Boo... which you say you check everyday... then Dan, Remington and I are wishing you a wonderful Birthday!  You are very loved!

Here's to you Aunt Boo! Even though you aren't my "actual" Aunt... I'm glad your my Aunt in-law!

Oh! And don't forget to make a wish when you blow out those candles!!!


Monica said...

oh that is so wonderful! I am jealous. I need an aunt like this. :) or an aunt in law!

Aunt Boo said...

That was so nice! We definitely have to get together for games, special drinks and gossip (do we? LOL). I am so glad you are part of our family. Love you both. PS: I have never known you to be shy! Aunt BOO