Post Anal Sacculectomy - Day 9, 10, 11

Day 9

Every day keeps getting better and better.  We are finally seeing a little bit of light at the end of the tunnel.  Remington is having regular bowel movements now for the most part.  He is not having normal size ones, but I'm hoping that will come with time and they will get better when we change back to his regular food and are done with this soft stuff.  I definitely do not like canned food!

The razor burns are 10 times better than what they were.  Both sides are now completely scabbed over and the hair is growing back.  You would have never known they were as bad as they were by the looks of them now.

Razor burn right side.

Today he started sleeping by himself (thank goodness)!  For the past week he would not sleep unless he was touching us or completely on top of or up against us.  However, today he finally starting sleeping by himself and even took a little nap in his favorite spot... between the toilet and bathtub.

This has been life for the past week...

 This is life now... that's the old Remington right there!

He has also finally started to drink from his very own water bowl instead of one of our cups!  YAY!  Finally he is becoming self sufficient again!

Day 10

Remington was not himself today.  He refused to go to the bathroom all day!  I was getting really upset with him because I knew he had to go.  He just seemed to lay around all day and he didn't even want to move.  I was getting pretty worried about him, but Dan said to just leave him be and let him do what he wants.  Obviously, Remington know how he feels better than I do.

Day 11

Today we switched him back to normal food.  We weren't suppose to do this until day 14, but the soft food was not producing any bowel movements at all for him.  Later in the day Remington had a somewhat normal bowel movement.  This made me happy since I'm constantly worrying about what it means when he doesn't have bowel movements like he use to and I don't want that stuff getting backed up in him.

It was an absolutely beautiful day outside this Memorial Day.  Most of the time Remington and I would be enjoying it... but since he still needs to take it easy we spent most of the day inside.  I did a massive cleaning on the house since it needed it desperately and worked on homework. O'well I got caught up on stuff :)


Meredith Smith said...

I found your blog online and have probably read these posts a handful of times in the last few days to just comfort me that there is light at the end of the tunnel. Thanks so much for writing about this! Our dog, Nellie, had her glands removed three days ago now. After adopting her from a shelter 6 months ago, we've had numerous trips to the vet to get her glands expressed...only to have them fill up again immediately. I, stupidly, rushed into getting this surgery for her, enamored by the permanent solution to her problem. I had NO idea what a painful recovery we had in store. The crying has been almost constant and it's breaking my heart. I'm giving her her medicine like clockwork, but am starting to wonder after reading this, if a lot of her discomfort is coming from bad razor burn. Anyway thanks again for these posts.

The Rhoton Family said...

Just now seeing your comment Meredith. Yes, the recovery is awful, but it does get better and is well worth it in the end :) Let me know if you need anything!

Elizabeth said...

So glad to have found your blog about your dog. Our dog just had her anal glands removed yesterday and I have been looking for feedback about recovery.

Thanks for writing about this!!