Seeds to Flowers!

This is the first time I have ever tried this, but I'm trying to grow my flowers this year from seeds.  I am so tried of spending hundreds of dollars buying full grown flowers from a nursery even though you do get instant results.  Instead I figured I would try to save money (spend a couple bucks) and just purchase some seeds.  It should be interesting because I don't think this methods works for most people. If it did then wouldn't everyone do it?

I planted Irises (given to me by Debbie), Grecian Wildflowers, Creeping Daisies, and Zinnias.  Below is what everything looked like after I was finished planting.

Zinnias were planted in the hanging basket and pot.

Irises were planted up against both sides of the house... then the Grecian Wildflowers in front of them... then the Creeping Daisies take up the rest of the bed.

I also planted some Creeping Daisies in my newly made flower beds by the front door.  However, I worry that the grass may start growing in these because as Dan was doing the trimming some grass flew in here!  EKKK!

I'm excited to see what will happen!!! Now if I could just get the neighbor cat to stop using my flower beds as a litter box... that would be great!  Dan said he is going to shoot it with his paintball gun or spray it with his pepper spray!  Don't worry, I would never let that happen even though cats are not my fav.

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