Goal for the Upcoming Week!

Well everyone, I'm pleased to announce that I'm officially done with my GERO class this semester!!  YAY!  I don't know my grade yet, but at this point it really doesn't matter because like I said... I'm DONE!  Double YAY!  I now have a week off until the next one starts! I know what you're thinking... "No summer break?"  Nope... but at this point I'm happy with my week of freedom.

Here is my goal for the week ahead... Read 3 books of my choosing for FUN!  I can hardly contain my excitment!  You see during school I'm lucky to get my homework done on a nightly basis, so I don't get the chance to enjoy my favorite past time of reading!!!  Here are the books on my list for the upcoming week!

Water for Elephants : I started this book a week ago and haven't made it very far because of my hectic schedule... however, it is soooo good already! Why not just go see the movie you ask?  Because the book will out do the movie any day!!!  However, I'll probably see the movie eventually.

The 5 Languages of Love : I received this book as a wedding gift, but after almost two years have not gotten the chance to read it... I think now might be an appropriate time.

Fang : This book series (Maximum Ride) I've been reading for a while. This is the 6th book in a series of 7!  I'm excited about being close to the end :)

Once this week is over though it will be back to school.  Only 5 more classes to go and a Capstone Project and I'm finished FOREVER!  Cannot wait!

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