Rhoton Christmas

Dan, Remington and I headed to Ohio for our Christmas with Dan's side of the family. As always we enjoyed our time with our niece and nephew as well as the rest of the family. It is nice to get caught up on everything that is going on with everyone.

There was lots of present opening :)

Elliott got a gamer chair... basically it has speakers in it and he can plug his Wii into it and it will be extra loud!!!  Cool!  Mallory got a set of pink lefty golf clubs.  Her face is priceless in this pic!  She loved them!

Pam and Bruce got a new bike rack from all the kids.  I think they enjoyed it.

After opening gifts, we all had dinner and hung out with each other for a while.

Raelyn and Mallory coloring.

Mallory doing what she does best... being "Happy"!

Aunt Boo with baby Alex (the newest member of the Rhoton clan).

The three musketeers together again!

My best bud!

Our little family :)

As always, we enjoyed ourselves very much.  But we were pretty tuckered out once we got back home as you can see by the below picture.

This big guy slept the whole drive home and was out like a light once he hit his bed :)

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Sweet_Southern_Comfort said...

Great pictures! :) Looks like ya'll had a good time!