Happy 3rd Birthday Remington!!!

It seems like yesterday that we picked up that little 10 pound ball of fluff from a farm in Seymour, Ind. We had been wanting a dog for so long and it seemed like everything just fell perfectly in place when we saw a picture of him and his siblings. I without a doubt believe that he was meant to be a part of our family.

(Remi is on the far left)

Car ride home

We decided to name him Remington after a brand of shotgun. It seemed fitting since Dan was a police officer and afterwards we decided that the rest of our dogs would be named after guns as well.  Remington was an easy puppy. He didn't have many accidents, he slept clear through the night, and he never chewed anything up (except that one incident with our toilet). We started out training him as soon as possible because I was set on having a semi well behaved dog that I was able to handle.

Remington changed our lives. We went from a "couple" to a "family".  It was rare that we ever went any where without Remington and we wouldn't have it any other way. Our trips home included Remington, holidays included Remington, date nights included Remington... and on and on. He became an extension of us.

He grew and grew until he is a large 80 lb doodle. He went through his terrible twos stage. He would sometimes make me cry because he was a lot to handle and a little crazy at times. But that never stopped us from loving him to pieces and sharing every possible moment with him.

Now that he is turning 3 years old I can see him aging a bit. He is much more well behaved and just content snuggling with us. I look back on the many pictures we have of him and I can't seem to remember him EVER being that little!!! I feel so thankful for the years we shared and memories we've made so far with him. I can only hope we have 10+ years to spoil him rotten!!!

Happy Birthday our sweet Remi Bear! You make us better people and have taught us not to take a moment for granted!  We love you to pieces!

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