Thankful Thursday (Daylight Savings)

Today I'm thankful for longer days! Have you noticed that there's more daylight hours? I actually can drive to work as the sun is coming up and get home before it goes down! Love it!

Since the days are getting longer that means Spring is right around the corner! Which means Daylight Savings Time starts in a matter of weeks!!!  I'm not counting or anything, but its actually 24 days away!!!  YAY! Once that extra hour of daylight is added to my life all in the world is good!

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Stephanie, Matt, Hendrix, and Jameson said...

24 days until DST? YAY! I can't wait. Especially can't wait until it's light until 9 pm. Hate running after dark, and I'm sure sunlight will make the husband much more comfortable as well. Enjoy your weekend!