Remington's Birthday Party!

While most of you were celebrating the Super Bowl we were celebrating Remington's 3rd Birthday!  I know, you probably think we're losers, but we don't care! We love our dog!!

The birthday festivities started on Friday night.  I was hard at work making brownies and no bake dog treats (post on these to come).  The brownies were for the human attendees of the party and the dog treats were a special treat for Remington. I can't even tell you how bonkers he went over these things.

Remi also received his annual birthday card in the mail from his Great Grandma Fowler! If you can't see what the card says, it reads... "Thought I would send you a play mate for your birthday!" I so love my Grandma!

Saturday morning was his party day. My Mom and Dad came down to celebrate with us. Dan went and picked up Remi's Birthday Cake from Bella Dog Bakery.  They always do an amazing job on his cakes, but this year they out did themselves for sure!!  Isn't it lovely :)

Remington ate some of his cake and opened a gift from Grandma and Grandpa Fowler! He got $20 to spend on his next session at the groomers!  SCORE!

Then we of course took some time to take a few family photos. It isn't everyday that Dan and I have someone around to click a few pictures of the three of us together. And of course we got some of us all together.

This day is always very special to me. I'm thankful for every year we are blessed with Remington! We don't know what we would do without him :)

And thank you to all the people who humor us and go along with this birthday celebration every year :)


belinda said...

happy happy happy birthday remi !!! Looks like you had a great time - so nice to see your photo's and cake etc make me feel normal when i do it for my dog !!!! Just thought I would update you on freddie- having taken your advice i have found a fantastic surgeon to perform Freddie's anal gland surgery- it is scheduled for next Monday ( 13th ) - so as you can imagine freddie is getting totally pampered this week ! i am also having him groomed before hand - sothat the surgeon doesnt have to do all the shaving - and I have asked them to be very carful to avoid razer burns- those photo's of poor Remi were awful - poor guy !!!
Anyway - back to Remi- happy birthday big guy- have a fantastic year love belinda and freddie

Steffany said...

Happy Birthday Remington!! Love, Barkley :o)