Crazy Story

This weekend Dan heard a crazy story about a fellow officer in another city.  This officer is actually a very close friend of ours. We'll call him Officer L.  Here's how the story goes...

Officer L. had been working crazy hours for the past three weeks. He had just been put on the SWAT Team so he was going through training, plus working his regular shifts. Finally his days off arrived and he planned to focused on getting some much needed sleep.

Later in the day he was woken up from a deep sleep by a loud BANG! Officer L. thought that maybe he had just been dreaming and went back to sleep. A few minutes later he was woken up again by another loud BANG! Now he was curious, but still so tired he soon drifted back to sleep. A few minutes later another loud BANG! This time Officer L. was up and determine to see what was going on.  He got dressed and before he knew it someone was knocking at his apartment door.  The person told Officer L. that there was a crazy guy in the parking lot shooting off a shotgun! Officer L. grabbed his radio and called in for back up before he ran out the door to find the guy.

Once more police officers arrived they started searching the area, but never found the suspect who had been shooting the shotgun. Officer L.'s supervisors told him to go back to bed because they knew how tired he was from working such long hours and that they would take care of the situation.

A few hours passed and soon Officer L. was woken up by a phone call from his supervisor. He was told he needed to come outside his apartment building to look at something. Officer L. got dressed and went outside where several officers were standing around his police car. Officer L. took a quick look and noticed the whole back end of his police looked like it had been blown up!  The guy who had been firing his shotgun in the parking lot had actually fired 7 rounds into the back of Officer L. police car! TRUE STORY!

Pretty crazy eh?

The suspect was never found and we are all wondering what caused the guy to do this?  Does he hate the police? Did Officer L. arrest him at one point?  Did this guy follow Officer L. home? We will probably never know... but it's pretty scary all the same! We are just grateful that Officer L. didn't get out of bed when he heard those first two shots fired to investigate... if that guy was outside he could have shot Officer L. and probably killed him.


Steffany said...

That is crazy!!!!!

Sweet_Southern_Comfort said...

That's scary! I hope they find the guy. I always tell my husband to be NICE as possible when he pulls people over.. because you never know who the crazy people are and who may follow you home and try to hurt you and your family. SO SO crazy and scary!