Mileage Monday (The Epiphany)

Something dawned on me in the evening after we got home from walking around Super Bowl Village last week... I'm in horrible shape! I could not believe how many places my body ached just from walking around for an afternoon. My hips hurt, butt hurt, legs hurt, ankles hurt, and feet hurt. What the heck! I'm fairly young and was at one point running 6-7 miles straight... how did I get to this point AGAIN!

The next day I was so disappointed in myself. I do this every winter... let my body get so out of shape that it takes me FOREVER to get back into shape for the summer. It's definitely not a good thing and something that I need to focus on changing. What I'm even more discouraged about is that I have gained back all the weight that I lost this summer. I am now 15 lbs above my goal weight... uhhhgggg!

So I've decided... it is once again time to get serious about living a healthy lifestyle! I need to start watching what I eat and catch the running bug that I use to love so much. No matter how tired or busy I am... I have got to make time for this! So my goal for these next 4 months is to drop 15 lbs of weight and get my body back up to running 6 miles straight. It's going to be hard since I'm back to square one now, but I'm hoping I can do it before the end of May.

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