Year of Dates : February 2012

For February Dan picked an "Out and About" date. This date consisted of something we had done before, but never just the two of us by ourselves.


So for this date we headed to a local bowling alley in our town. I'm never a big fan of most bowling places... mostly because I prefer clean air to breathe and most alley's don't sell that. However, the one close to us is smoke free so it was perfect! We decided to go on Sunday and in the morning time because it was gosh darn cheap! We only paid $1.50 per game! HOLLA! Excuse the blurry photos, all the cameras in our house were deader than a door nail so we had to settle for IPhone pics!

Our date was pretty fun, except for the annoying Dad coaching his young children how to bowl properly!  I swear I never once heard him say "good job" it was always, "next time you need to do this"... come on Dad chill out and let your kids just have fun!  I'm sure he thought Dan and I were complete amateurs by the way we bowled... I guess we are actually!

I'm sure the people around us thought we were crazy as we took pictures of our awesome shoes and bowling balls! O'well...

We played 3 games and Dan beat me each one... You can hardly tell what our scores were so I'll enlighten you...

Game #1: Dan 168 Me 114 
Game #2: Dan 181 Me 118 
Game #3 Dan 141 Me 79 

No, I'm not very good as you can tell!

We each enjoyed ourselves. Its nice to laugh at each others gutter balls and bad bowls. It reminds us to not take life to seriously and just enjoy what we have with each other.

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