Gatlinburg Vacation - Parrot Mountain and Gardens

If you're ever in the Gatlinburg area you must go visit this place. I'm not a bird lover or anything, but this was seriously the highlight of my trip. This place is amazing! Pretty much Parrot Mountain is a place that takes in abandoned and abused birds so they have a safe place to live out the rest of their lives... which can be a very long time because parrots live 80-90 years! We took over 200 pictures while we were there if that gives you an idea of just how much we liked it!

When you enter the area it is covered in beautiful flowers and of course parrots everywhere just hanging out on their branches!

As you make your way through there are also other beautiful birds like peacocks and little finches!

However, soon you enter an area full of lovely parrots that you can feed and hold! It was sooooooo AWESOME!

The pictures do not even do this place justice... it was a very memorable experience! We spent tons of time feeding, holding and talking to (yes they talked to you) the parrots, but after your done you then get to go and feed the lorakeets!

I would describe lorakeets as much smaller than a parrot but bigger than a parakeet. They were neat, but we enjoyed the actual parrots much more!

This place was a hidden oasis!!! So pretty and peaceful!

After we were almost finished touring the place we ran across some baby parrots during their feeding time!!!

Ugly but kind of cute little things aren't they! The owner was feeding them and told us all about the parrots there! You could tell how much he loved and how well he cared for the birds!

I really did not want to leave this place. I could have spent the entire day there! The next time I'm in Gatlinburg I'll definitely visit again!

Well, that pretty much concludes the highlights of our Gatlinburg vacation! Hope you enjoyed all the posts and pictures! We had a really great time!


Kate Dunkin said...

Wow these are such great photos! Me and my boyfriend are getting a gatlinburg vacation home rental for our upcoming vacation and I have to make sure we do this. Thank you for sharing your story and your photos with us Kendra!

The Rhoton Family said...

It was awesome Kate! You must go!