Blog, Camera, and Human Issues

I realize I'm almost a month late with this post. I probably should have just cut my losses and moved on, but I knew I couldn't live without posting my pictures from Thanksgiving!!!  However, in my defense, we did have some issues that caused the delay.

First... the day before Thanksgiving I finally hit my storage limit on the blog.  I have been carefully managing it for the past three years... shrinking my pictures down, deleting unused pictures from my albums, etc, etc... but after all this time BOOM... I was at 100% storage limit and no more pictures could be uploaded.

I was bummed! I have put over three years of "stuff" in this blog... I wasn't stopping now! With a little convincing AKA begging, Dan gave in and we purchased more space! Thank Heavens!

I was pretty excited because now I would be able to upload my Thanksgiving Day photos... I went to get the cord to upload them from the camera and.... no cord! CRAP! Dan and I had forgotten it at Aunt Boo's house! Don't worry... she of course mailed it to me right away... but this is two of the reasons why you are seeing these photos so late... the other one is because of my laziness!

So without waiting any longer here they are... the Rhoton clan in all their glory after eating large amounts of food at Thanksgiving! Since it was such a nice day we spent most of the afternoon playing outside in the sunshine!

Dan said I just should have posted these pics with the Christmas ones... come on... I can't do that!

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