Christmas - Just Us

Remington and I got back home to Indy on Friday afternoon. We were so happy to see Dan! 

We decided to have our Christmas soon after I was home. I was kind of done with Christmas festivities at this point, but I tried to remember that Dan had not really had much celebrating and had been working the entire week.

Mainly the Christmas with just the three of us include the gifts Dan and I had gotten each other, my parents gift to Dan, and of course Remi's gifts to us.

Nice wrapping job Dan!!

Dan's gift from Remi!!

My new IPhone 5 running armband... although I haven't got my IPhone 5 yet!

Some of my gifts from Remi!

Dan's gift from my Mom and Dad... some sort of multi-tool??? He loved it so that is all that matters :)

And of course... our attempt at Christmas family photos :)

Well, I think I'm all caught up on my Christmas posts!! As you can see, we are extremely blessed! I couldn't ask for anything more than what I have! Hope everyone else had a wonderful holiday as well!


blonde81714 said...

Where did you get the Doodle Dad shirt?! I want one!

The Rhoton Family said...

Cafe Press website :)

Just search Doodle Dad when you get there :)