Christmas in P-town

Remington and I decided to head to P-town for Christmas with my family on Sunday evening. Dan couldn't come with us because he was going to be working most of the week. Bummer!

When we got to P-town we found out that a lot of people in my family were sick. Both of my Grandma's and several of their friends had walking pneumonia. Oh my! So I must say that Christmas was quite different this year.

Usually our first Christmas would be with my immediate family and my Grandma Fowler. Instead it was just with Mom, Dad, me, and Remi.

Remi in front of Mom and Dad's baby tree...

Watching everyone open presents.

Remi opening gifts.

Dad finally made my serving tray!!!!

Remi was pretty tired after all of that excitement, so he decided it was time to take a nap.

The next day we had our second Christmas at my Aunt Ingrid's house. It was really nice to see everyone and also eat lots of good food!

My cousins got their Mom and Dad brand new bikes! They were very surprised!
After all the Christmas festivities... it was time to relax! Remi and I had no problem doing that. I enjoyed reading, sleeping, and watching TV.

Remi took quite a few naps and played with all his new gifts!!
One day we even had a blizzard come to town! Remi was so happy to see some snow!

"It's snowing Mom!"


It was a pretty good Christmas is P-town! We are planning on heading home tomorrow morning to see Dan! YAY! Remi can't wait to see his Dad and I can't either!

Our third Christmas post soon to come!


blonde81714 said...

Remi is SO handsome! I love the before and after snow post. It was a similar scene in New York, but it was snow and then more snow! Merry, Merry Christmas to you and your family!

Taylor B. said...

Merry Christmas Remi! Glad you had fun in the snow

Mark Yuhas said...

Remi is one handsome pup! I had a Golden Retriever Jed for 11 years. He was the greatest friend I could ask for!