Christmas in Ohio

Our family usually has three separate Christmas'. Our first one is with Dan's family in Ohio... our second one is with my family in P-town... and our last one is just with Dan, Remi and I.  Dan and I usually don't get to spend Christmas together because he is working most of the time, but we always make time to do our own little Christmas with just the three of us.

We left for Dan's family Christmas early Thursday morning. We were planning on staying with Dan's Mom and Dad, but unfortunately Dan's Mom came down with the flu. Instead we checked into a Hampton close to them. I'm not gonna lie. The hotel was really nice. It had a pool, hot tub, fitness center, and an awesome breakfast bar every morning.  While we were in Ohio it snowed abour 4 inches! YIKES!

Our first little Christmas get together while in Ohio was with us, Dan's brother's family, and his Mom and Dad. It's always so fun to watch the kids open their stockings and presents. They are a joy to watch!

We had to take a little break to take family pictures. One of us with the Mallory and Elliott, one of Bryce, Ali, and the kids, and one of Dan's Mom and Dad with the kids.

Then it was back to opening gifts!!

Our second Christmas get together was the next day. This involved the entire Rhoton clan coming from all around to join the festivities.

I love this picture of the girls and their Mace! Great gift as they get ready to go off to college!

After opening gifts we all decided to take pictures with Grandpa. One of him with the great-grand kids, one of him and his kids, and one of him and the grandkids.

After that it was time for our White Elephant gift exchange!

It was more like a booze exchange because there was so much alcohol involved!
We ended up getting home late Saturday night and picked this guy up early Sunday morning. As you can see he was pretty tuckered out from three nights at Barkefellers. We were so happy to get him back home with us!

Our second Christmas adventure to come soon!


Stephanie said...

Where were you in Ohio? I ask because we are up north, and only had about an inch of snow, if that?

The Rhoton Family said...