2nd Shift Update!

Well, Dan has been on second shift for a whole week and surprisingly things have been going pretty smoothly!

Dan's major complaints have been that he can't get to runs as fast as he does on thirds because of all the traffic in the city at that hour and that this shift will be more detrimental to his waistline since he tends to have a lot more options on where to go out to eat! He really needs to get into the habit of packing his lunch! Also, during this shift he gets a lot more minor runs... shoplifting, domestics, etc. instead of the more crazy stuff that goes on in the middle of the night.

I, on the other hand, have actually been enjoying myself since Dan has been on second shift. I feel like I can do my own thing without feeling guilty that I should be spending time with him. I feel like I have been able to keep the house more clean and orderly, which if you know me, makes me very happy! I can go workout whenever I want and for however long I want. I can get all my homework done because what else do I have to do instead. And I get all the love and attention from Remi every evening :) Doesn't get better than that. I will say though, at the end of his rotation I do start getting kind of lonely... :)

Remington has been doing okay with the switch as well. Last time Dan was on second shift we had a horrible problem with Remington throwing up in his crate before I could get home to him in the evening. It was a mess and a huge pain to not only clean up his throw up, but also give an 80lb dog a bath by myself. The vet told us that dogs often will throw up because their stomach gets empty causing bile to build up. He suggested we feed him a little something mid-day to help. So... this time around we have started feeding Remington three times a day instead of his normal two. He now gets one cup in the morning, one cup in the afternoon, and one cup in the evening. So far that has helped and I have not had to deal with any upset bellies.

So... for the most part we are doing just fine with the switch. However, I won't lie... if Dan would get offered to go back to thirds we would switch in a heartbeat!!!

Remi and I do miss having our king size bed all to ourselves :)

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