Sweaters with Thumb-holes!

For the longest time I have been a little bit obsessed about running sweaters that have thumb-holes. The thumb-holes keep your sleeves from riding up and also keep your knuckles covered!! I would often read my running blogs and see people with their awesome thumb-hole sweaters on and jealously would overcome me :) So... I finally got my own and I'm so excited for them to arrive!!

Old Navy was having a 40% off all Active Wear sale so I jumped at the opportunity to make these thumb-hole sweaters part of my running wardrobe!

I got one of these in this color!

 Two of these... one in this color and one in pink!


And one of these in lilac purple!!

I was a little disappointed on some of my color choices because they had limited selection of things in my size... but over all I could not be happier :) Did I mention how much I love sweaters with thumb-holes :) 

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