Wacky Week

So between the students coming back from Christmas break, me starting back up with school, eight hours of Phonathon Training this past weekend, and the wacky hours I have been working this week... I am finally starting to wear down a bit and even get a little grouchy! I know... hard to believe.

I've been heading into work during the morning to get some things done and make sure I'm there for our VP interviews that we are having... then heading home in the afternoons to work on my assignments for class... then it's back to work all evening to make sure my callers know what they are doing before they start making calls for Phonathon. Like I said... my schedule has been wacky!

I have not worked out in over a week... YIKES! I have been living off coffee and soda... DOUBLE YIKES! And I've had zero time for my favorite shows... thank goodness for the DVR!

Remi has even been asking Dan about my absence around the house lately...

"Uhhhh... Dad? Where's Mom?"

"Is she over there?"

"What about under this blanket?"

"What about down here?"

"Oh... she's just at work... I can rest easy now."

Only a few more days and things will be back to normal... or as normal as they can be :) Happy Hump Day!

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Taylor B. said...

Sounds like you have a very busy week! This week has left me drained too. Hopefully next week will be a little more low-key. Give Remington a hug from Addie