Lance Armstrong

Is anyone as irritated with Lance Armstrong as I am??? Or are you just sick of hearing about the whole situation like my husband is??? Uhhhhhgggg! Lance is under my skin!

I'm not so much annoyed that he lied to the entire world... yes its awful but that isn't what gets me going... its more so that he made everyone who accused him of doping look like they were awful people for even thinking that "HE" would do something so unthinkable! My blood starts boiling just writing this!

Then recently, I've heard people in the news praising him for coming clean after all these years. They practically act like he is a saint for it! Sorry... I'm not feeling it. Lance is the biggest FRAUD in the country right now!

I dunno... the whole thing just makes me angry and I personally think he's an absolute idiot!

There you have it... my two cents for the day!

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