Arizona Trip: June 14th - June 21st

Thank goodness for scheduled blog posts!  You never would have known that I've been MIA for the past week and a half would you? For those of you who didn't know, I've been off visiting these little cuties for the past 8 days!!!!

My mother-in-law, Pam and I flew out to Arizona for a much needed visited!  Not only have I not seen my sweet little niece, Hannah, for over a year... I have NEVER met the twins, Max and Blakely, in person until this trip! Dan was unfortunately not able to make the trip with us because of work... go figure... but I feel so blessed to have gotten to go!  It is so hard not being able to see our nieces and nephews like we want to... we seem to only see them growing up through their pictures.

I'm not gonna lie, my time there was exhausting.  I cannot imagine doing that everyday and I give Heather and Matt tons of credit for taking care of all three of them by themselves most days.  It is non stop motion or "controlled chaos" as Pam would say almost every day there. However, even though I felt overwhelmed a lot of the time there with all that was going on, I'm happy I was able to help out, even if just a little bit.  Below are pictures of our daily adventures during my time in Arizona!  Enjoy, I sure did!

We went to see Hannah's Bible School Program...

We did a lot of swimming...

We took pictures of Max and Blakely and the cute things they did!

We celebrated the twins 1st Birthday!

And then there were those miscellaneous pictures we took :)

The trip was wonderful and I wouldn't trade it for the world!  I'm so thankful for the little bits of time I get with Hannah, Max, and Blakely because they are few and far between!  Aren't Dan and I the luckiest Aunt and Uncle ever! We certainly think so!

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jbush1171 said...

You look like you had a wonderful time. Those kids are precious!!!