Cons of Night Time Running

During my late night run on Wednesday I was thinking about this very topic.  I really love running at night. I mean REALLY love it!  Mostly because the temperature drops a few degrees and saves me from sweating to death and makes it easier to breathe.  However, since that girl at IU went missing I can't help but think that maybe this isn't the smartest thing to do, especially when Dan is working and no one would know I was missing for a long time (except Remington of course).

When I run at night I must admit it's hard to see.  I have to map out my route in my head that I'm going to take before I leave so that I know I'll be around the street lights that will help with my dreadful night vision.  Sadly, I still usually trip once or twice every night time run I have.  Thank goodness I've been lucky enough not to face plant on concrete yet.

I refuse to take my shuffle with me on my night runs.  This is mainly because I want to be able to hear if someone would be coming up on me or if a car would screech to a halt for someone to nab me.  I miss my music but I feel safer being a little more alert.

Even though I don't like to, I have been wearing a fanny pack during my runs at night.  Yes, those dumb things you might have worn when you were a kid.  My mom insists that I wear it.  I put my cell phone, band aids, flash light, etc. in there for my runs.  I guess she thinks one of these items might save my life if something bad were to happen.  She is probably right...

This isn't necessarily a con of night time running... I actually appreciate this about it.  When I run at night I'm freakishly alert!  I'm constantly in fight or flight mode.  I'm keenly aware of my surroundings at all times.  Because of this I can run 2.5 miles in 20 minutes when it would usually take me 20 minutes to run 2 miles.  I'm always in high gear on these runs because once I'm done I can get in my house safe and sound.

So really... there are way more cons that go along with running at night than there are pros... but will this still be something I do regularly?  Probably... at least until this hot streak moves out and I can run comfortably during the day.

Happy night time running... stay safe!!!


jbush1171 said...

PLEASE be careful. You are a petite pretty young blonde and, well you know I don't have to finish :( Please feel free to text me as you start your run and when you get home. If I don't hear from you, we can be right over. We live so close to you. Just a thought.

Kellybee said...

If you have a smartphone, check out Glympse. I only run at night (SUPER heat/sun sensitive) and I use this so my husband/parents can watch me as I go. It GPS tracks you and sends real time position, speed, etc. You can send it to multiple people on phone or computer with a message about when you expect to be home, etc. Helps me and my husband feel a little better about me being out by myself since if he sees anything funky he can text me or get in the car and come to where my marker is to find me. I also carry pepper spray on a belt clip on my shorts and usually take the dog with me. :) It sucks we have to be so proactively on guard, but better that than the alternative. Stay safe!