The two extreme views people have about LEO's

I have meant to write up a blog about this subject for some time now yet it slowly fell off my radar, but something happened a few days ago that brought it back to the surface of my brain so I had to sit down and share this with you all.

During the time that Dan has been a police officer I have noticed that people have two extreme views on cops.  They pretty much either love them or hate them.  I have two perfect examples of this to share with you...

The first view I want to discuss is the love people have for cops. When Dan picked me up from the airport recently I was so happy to see him.  We put my stuff in the police car and hopped in so we could go enjoy breakfast together.  However, before we could pull out, one of the security officers at the airport flagged us down and motioned for Dan to roll down his window.  I thought we were in trouble or had done something wrong.  But, once the window was down the security officer said to Dan, "Officer, I just wanted to thank you for all you do and for protecting our communities every day."  Dan thanked him and went on with his day.  This comment struck a cord with me however.  It amazes me how often Dan gets comments like these not only when he is on duty but also when he is off. Even though I find it very awkward at times for complete strangers to do this,  it truly makes me proud and makes the job that he does every day worth while.  I'm blessed to have people out there that love and respect what police officers do everyday. 

On the complete opposite end of the spectrum is the hate people have for cops.  Dan told me a story a while ago that still gives me goose bumps when I think about it.  The story goes something like this... an officer was driving in a bad area of town.  A father and daughter were crossing the street on foot,  so the officer stopped to let them cross by safely.  Just as he was about ready to move along and continue with his patrol the man's daughter, probably 5 years old, turns to the police officer and makes her hand into a pretend gun and proceeds to pretend shoot the cop.  Every time I think about this story is breaks my heart.  Obviously, the father had a hate for cops and has passed that along to his 5 year old daughter.  How tragic... It is stories like these that makes it hard for me to understand why Dan loves his job so much.

I just hope that there are more people out there in this world that appreciate LEO's and less who hate them. And even though I think it is strange and awkward when complete strangers come up to my husband and thank him for what he does for a living, I deep down appreciate it because it helps me to realize not only is he a hero to me, he is a hero to others as well.

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