Lessons I've Learned

Throughout Remington's surgery and recovery I have learned so much.  Never in a million years did I think this process would have taught me so many things!

1) Remington is absolutely fine without Dan and I and adjusts quite well to situations.  I have always been one of those people who just could NOT stand to board my dog.  I was always so worried that he wouldn't be okay, that he would be scared, or that something bad would happen to him.  We would do anything in our power to either make sure a friend could come to the house and stay with him while we were gone or take him to a friends house so they could watch him in the comfort of their own home.  However, this process has taught me that it isn't Remington who has trouble adjusting, it's us.  I will still try my hardest be able to bring Remington with us when we go places most of the time, but when we can't bring him and he has to be boarded then so be it.  He'll be just fine!  

2) You know how they say that babies are resilient... well dogs are too.  Even though it seemed like forever until Remington was back to normal, in the grand scheme of things I'm surprised with how fast he bounced back.  It amazes me just what tough cookies they are :)

3) No matter what my Dad says... he really does love Remington.  Throughout the time that Remington was recovering from this ordeal I would often have my Dad call and ask how "our little boy was doing."  This is quite comical, mostly because my Dad pretends that he wants nothing to do with Remington and that he is just a pest. I have always known Dad loves him even when he won't admit it, but to hear him say these things is a testament to his true feelings.

4) Remington brings life into our home!  Yes he does!  Those 4-5 days that we were without Remington while he was at Purdue recovering were the most boring days ever! Okay, I'm not gonna lie, I did enjoyed having a pretty spotless house for a week and not having to take a dog to the bathroom, but I sure did miss the excitment that my big ball of fur brings!  He is what makes life interesting and not so routine!

5) Not that I didn't already know this before... but I have to add it anyways... he is a huge member of our family! We are so incredibly attached to Remington it is truly hard to imagine our lives without him in it.  There is nothing that I wouldn't do for him.  I think back to when we got him and all the puppies we were looking at and it just seems like God had a plan to put him in our lives.  He is a special part of us and we are thankful for him everyday!

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Anonymous said...

I have a weimaraner (Floyd) who has been going through the SAME exact stuff remington went through and ive been researching and researching about his surgery that i have scheduled aug 28. This blog has been AWESOME!!! Soooo happy I found it! I have a much better idea of what to expect after his anal glands get removed! So happy to know remington recovered well!