IPhone, Glymse, and Shadow Paks

In the past few weeks I have discovered some new favorites of mine...

1.) I got an IPhone... I know, I feel guilty about it, but our contract was up with Sprint so it was time to switch back to Verizon because Dan's job gives him a pretty good percentage discount on their services and anything brought there.  Plus, we both sold our old phones on Craig's list which got us a whole IPhone for pretty much free.  The sad thing is that I was pretty obsessed with my Blackberry, but now I have a seriously unhealthy obsession with the IPhone... uhhhgggg!  I love it!

2) One of my blog readers told me about an app that might be helpful during my night time runs.  Remember I told you I worry about running at night and no one really knowing where I am... well this app solves all my problems!  It's called Glymse, and I love it.  I can now send Dan (or whoever) a Glymse text message or email and my phone will start tracking my location.  This way Dan can actually watch me during my entire run.  How freaking cool is that!  Even though I still get a little freaked during night time runs, this app has allowed me a little piece of mind... and Dan too :)

3) Oh yes... and I told you that I had been running with a fanny pack (uncool) well, I have been looking for something a little less noticeable, but still able to hold my important stuff.  I found the perfect solution!  A shadow pak!  It is teeny tiny, but just big enough to hold my essentials!  I ran with it on last night and I couldn't even tell it was there.  It's so small I can pull my shirt over it and you wouldn't even know I had it on!  HOLLA!

I got the purple of course!

And there you have it folks... a few of my new favorite things :)


jbush1171 said...

I am sooo glad you have the iphone app. Now... if you need someone else to follow your runs, we can do that!!!

Leslie said...

Yay! I have an iphone now too! You should get instagram!